1. The two-wheeler needs to be returned at the specified Date and Time as mentioned on the mobile application. A delay of more than 30 minutes without intimating the customer care will attract penalty which can be upto 50% of the booking price (as determined by the company).
  2. Booking duration must be specified at the time of initial booking and thereafter under no circumstances trip extension request will be entertained.
  3. The customer is not authorized to lend the two-wheeler to any person. In such cases, the customer will be liable for any damages caused to the vehicle, theft, injuries caused to the third party and any other cases which arise due to this decision.
  4. In case of minor damages to the helmet, the customer is liable to pay a fine as per vendor.
  5. In case of damage to the two-wheeler on rent due to accident/mishandling/carelessness, appropriate charges will be calculated by the vendor and the customer is liable to pay the same to the vendor along with the daily tariff until the bike is ready for renting again.
  6. In case of theft, the customer is liable to pay, in full, the market rate of the two-wheeler.
  7. In case of engine fault or failure, the customer needs to contact customer care before getting any repairs done. The original invoice is mandatory to claim reimbursement for the same.
  8. Extra charges of 40% of the original booking price will be levied if the customer decides to book their vehicle to travel outside the valley.
  9. Extra charges of 60% of the original booking price will be levied if the customer decides to book their vehicle for off road travel.


  1. The rider needs to be valid license holder to rent a bike. If the rider doesn’t meet the condition, the order will be cancelled.
  2. The original driving license and citizenship/passport needs to be verified for each rider.
  3. As a form of security deposit no fees will be charged to the rider however the rider must deposit their citizenship/passport or any other documents deemed necessary by the vendor at the time of renting the vehicle.
  4. Two-wheeler bookings are subject to availability. Rhino Services reserves the right to cancel any booking if deemed necessary.
  5. Rider should respect and follow Traffic rules and regulations. All bills of fine/ violation issued due to rider negligence need to be paid in full to the penalizing authority.
  6. Driving under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs is strictly prohibited. Rhino Services will not be responsible to compensate for any mishaps and their consequences in such cases. The customer will be liable to pay for all damages to the vendor for the same.
  7. Customer has to drop the bike at the location specified by the vendor.
  8. The Pick-up date, time and location cannot be changed once a booking is confirmed.
  9. Rhino Services does not allow multiple accounts having the same license. In such cases, Rhino Services reserves the right to cancel the booking. Additionally, on account of user behaviour, Rhino Services can block certain licenses from booking. If a blocked user is found to have made a booking, the booking will be automatically cancelled. A user can be blocked in event of any criteria below –
    ● Over-speeding
    ● More than 3 instances of damages
    ● Drunk driving case
    ● Total Loss to the vehicle
    ● Major Damage more than 1


  1. If any booking is cancelled by Rhino Services due to non availability, the customer will not be charged any fee.
  2. Rhino Services has complete authority to cancel the booking without prior notice.
  3. No refund/reimbursement/cancellations claim will be considered after the trip has been completed.

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