COVID-19, the name has become the most feared word in recent times and has kept us in complete lockdown and has no sign of going away any time soon. While we stay at home keeping check of our health, we hope you haven’t forgotten about your daily commute as well. It is equally important to keep them in good shape as well to ensure that your motorcycles and scooters are ready to go immediately after the lockdown is lifted. Make sure you do the following to keep your two wheelers in check.

  • Protecting from sunlight and rain

While your vehicle sits outdoors with no shade or cover, it gets exposed to sunlight, rain and dust. It can slowly erode your paint and dust particles can settle in vital engine areas affecting your vehicle performance. Therefore, using a cover is a good solution as it not only helps you to protect your vehicle’s paint job  but also prevents the chain from getting dust. If you don’t have a proper bike cover, you can also use any kind of sheets available at your home.

  • Proper use of stand

If available, always use your main stand (double stand) to rest your bike or scooter. This helps to maintain the overall weight balance of your vehicle including all the internal fluids and liquids. This way the fluids and liquids are not tilted to one side for a long period of time which can affect the engine performance in the future.. It also releases tension on your suspension and tyres.

  • Do periodic engine start

Keeping your engine in an off state for a long period of time can cause internal issues on your vehicle. It is important to keep all the internal parts well lubricated and hence it’s recommended that you start and run your engine at least twice a week for 15, 20 minutes. This will also save you from having a dead battery as running your engine recharges the battery. 

  • Regular inspection and checks

Keeping your vehicle immobile and leaving your tyres at the same position for a long period of time makes your tyres lose pressure and might bulge on one side. To help prevent having a flat tyre, check your tyre pressure every two weeks. If possible move your two wheeler around your parking area. Also do a quick inspection to check if you have any loose screws so that your two wheeler is always ready to hit the road. 

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