After a long planning you have finally made it Pokhara to relax and have a good time. Clear skies with a glorious view of the mountain range, lake side and many beautiful destinations to cover. The sunrise at Sarangkot, a beautiful morning at the Peace Pagoda, spending the day exploring the streets of Pokhara, having a chill evening at the Lakeside, there are just so much more that you can do here and to top all that you can enjoy all this with a breathtaking backdrop of the Himalayas, you truly can’t ask for more. The thing which is really great about Pokhara is that all these destinations are easily available with well accessed black topped roads. So if you have a ride with you, you can have it all however you want to do it. 

Renting a vehicle in Pokhara has been a long tradition that dates back to the 1980s. You can rent a vehicle for a day or more and have a trip wherever you please. Whether it is the streets of Lakeside or somewhere serene as the Peace Pagoda, riding your bike or a scooter on an open road with a cool wind on your face with the mesmerizing view of the mountains can really be a life changing experience. There are so many bikes or scooters you can choose from for hire and with Rhino Ride now you can have it all in one place. You can set a location for pickup and the time you feel is comfortable, choose a bike or a scooter according to your lifestyle and budget, then you will be able to explore Pokhara with true freedom and awesomeness.

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