Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Motorbike In Pokhara
7 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a Motorbike In Pokhara

One of the best ways to explore the beautiful city of Pokhara is by renting a motorbike. Though there are many bike rentals in Pokhara, not all are created equal. There are a lot of things you need to know before renting a motorbike or a scooter in Pokhara. We’ve listed the most important things

How to maintain your car during lock down
How to maintain your car during lock down

With no sign of COVID 19 going away anytime soon it’s evident that we’ll be stuck in our homes and the same goes for our cars. It’s vital for us to learn how to maintain and keep our cars safe and healthy in this lock down. Vehicles were not built to be kept idle for

Keeping Your Two Wheeler In Shape During Lock-down

COVID-19, the name has become the most feared word in recent times and has kept us in complete lockdown and has no sign of going away any time soon. While we stay at home keeping check of our health, we hope you haven’t forgotten about your daily commute as well. It is equally important to

लकडाउनको बेला आफ्नो सवारीसाधन कसरी सुरक्षित राख्ने?
लकडाउनको बेला आफ्नो सवारीसाधन कसरी सुरक्षित राख्ने?

कोरोना भाइरस महामारीका कारण नेपाल लगायत विश्वका धेरै देश लकडाउनमा छ l यसरी लामो समय सम्म लकडाउन लम्बिदै गर्दा हामीले घरमा राखिएको आफ्नो मोटरसाइकल र स्कुटरलाई बिर्सिएका त छैनौँ ? लामो समयसम्म नचलाउदा हाम्रो सवारी साधनमा समस्याहरु आउन सक्छन र त्यसबाट बच्नको लागि हामीले यी कुराहरुमा ध्यान दिनुपर्दछ l मेन स्ट्यान्डको प्रयोग :  यदि तपाइको

How to book a ride
How to book a ride with Rhino Ride

Booking your rides with Rhino Ride is very simple. Kindly follow the steps below to book your ride.   Selecting Vehicle Type and Pick Up Location   On the homepage select the type of vehicle you wish to book i.e. Bikes or Scooters     Tap the Pickup And Return Location     Hit the search


Pokhara is a small city packed with various wonderful destinations to explore. The best way to experience all of it is by traveling with a motorbike. Renting a motorbike from our app, "Rhino Ride" you can get to explore the city as you please. Some of the best places where you can take your motorbike

Why renting a bike/scooter in Pokhara is a must!

After a long planning you have finally made it Pokhara to relax and have a good time. Clear skies with a glorious view of the mountain range, lake side and many beautiful destinations to cover. The sunrise at Sarangkot, a beautiful morning at the Peace Pagoda, spending the day exploring the streets of Pokhara, having

Places to go after renting two wheelers

Two wheelers have always been the most popular companion to explore the cities in Nepal. Easy to park, cheaper, consumes less fuel and can have two people travel easily. These are some of the few reasons why tourists love to rent motor bikes here. Pokhara is a beautiful city with beautiful places that can totally

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